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From WorldCon: SFF As Protest Literature

One of my favorite panels at MidAmeriCon II (WorldCon) was “SF as Protest Literature.” It had a great set of panelists: Jo Walton, who wrote Among Others and the SMALL CHANGE series in alternate-history Britain, where Hitler triumphs and England … Continue reading

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I Read “The Algorithms of Value;” I Got Angry

Clarkesworld Issue 112 leads with a story by the prolific SFF writer Robert Reed, “The Algorithms of Value.” The story is set on Earth, probably less than one hundred years in the future. The planet is seriously overpopulated with humans, … Continue reading

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The Hugos, 2015, Chapter Two: The Slate Mailer Saga

I live in California, where individuals and interest groups can create laws through a “direct democracy” process. They can get an initiative on the ballot and it’s voted on by the people. This means that, come election time, I am … Continue reading

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