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Reading the Field

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a friend who is a developing writer who plans to write science fiction. We started talking about who they had read, and it emerged that they haven’t read the field recently. … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Royalties

In the past, royalties were as mysterious to me as alchemy. Now I have some though, so I have undertaken a study of these arcane payments.  I’m here to report out to you what I have learned. The Oxford Dictionary … Continue reading

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Four Eyed Frog

On Sunday, November 10, I did a book event in Gualala, at the Four-Eyed Frog. I sold one book, and three supportive friends drove down from Mendocino to hang out. Otherwise attendance was not good. It was still a fun … Continue reading

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Harvest Time at the Farmers Market

It’s harvest season; late summer, early fall, when squash, pumpkins, apples, pears and tomatoes are in. Leafy greens still abound, and the market is a festival of bright autumnal colors. Even the spindly trees in the plaza join in, turning … Continue reading

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The Wand That Rocks the Cradle Available for Pre-Order

The fantasy anthology The Wand that Rocks the Cradle will be out September 15, but it’s available for a Kindle pre-order now. Mine is one of eight stories about families and magic. Families; they can be your bedrock and your … Continue reading

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The Circus Came to Town

Flynn Creek Circus gave several performances at the Sebastopol Grange. This small family circus works closely with youth circuses and non-profit circus camps. Like most small venues, the focus is on tumbling, ropes and rings, juggling and magic tricks. No … Continue reading

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Aluminum Leaves is Available on Amazon

The Kindle version and the hardcopy book are both available from Amazon! These are both pre-orders. MCWC participants, look for the book at the conference bookstore or order it from the Gallery Bookstore (they’ve already special ordered one!).

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ReaderCon 30; The Best and the Rest

Everything that was good about ReaderCon30 would be a long, long list. The convention is held at the Boston Marriott in Quincy, (which might be why I was confused for a while and thought I was going to Boston). It’s … Continue reading

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The First Part of the Journey

We’re riding along in an older residential section of Quincey, Massachussetts, on our way to the Marriott. Ed, our Uber driver, is diligently following the directions from his GPS. We drive along a narrow street lined with various ethnics diners … Continue reading

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4:10 AM

(I wrote this in June, and forgot to post it.) At 4:10 am it’s still dark. It’s quiet, the quietest it gets during the entire day. All the neighborhood dogs are asleep. The house no longer creaks and pops as … Continue reading

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