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Coffee and Conversation

(Considering that I shot this straight into the sun, it turned out pretty well.) Cheerko’s Corner is a coffee place next to the Pacific Market in Sebastopol, which the locals still call Fiesta. Steve, the owner of Cheeko’s has been … Continue reading

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Books for Cheap: After Dark

After Dark Haruki Murakami Translated to English by Jay Rubin Alfred Knopf, 2004 Sunday after the farmers market I walked past Copperfield’s, the new bookstore, not the used. They had a sales rack outside, fifty percent off the lowest marked … Continue reading

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The Autumn Market

The farmers’ market is in full autumn mode. Tomatoes, while still abundant, are beginning to phase out. Squash, pumpkins and beans are in, and potatoes! Yukon Golds, rose potatoes, all kinds of varieties I hadn’t heard of before, all delicious. … Continue reading

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Names Have Power. I’m Talking to You, Syfy Channel.

I know I’m way behind the curve on this one. The SciFi channel changed its name back in January, I think. Since my cable package no longer includes the channel, I wasn’t paying much attention. But come on! Syfy? Did … Continue reading

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All Tied Up, No Place to Go

Hanged Man David Skibbins Thomas Dunn Books, 2009 Hanged Man is the fourth book in David Skibbins’s Tarot Card mystery series. His lead character, Warren Ritter, is a former 60s radical who changed his name and went underground after an … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin; Heaven’s Gift to Lazy Bloggers

By “lazy bloggers,” I do not mean the pure and powerful blogosphere voices like Shannyn Moore or AK Muckraker aka Jeanne Devon of; or the guy who writes the Immoral Minority. These tireless and courageous bloggers introduced America to … Continue reading

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