Checking In

I was slightly relieved to see that it hasn’t been a full month since I blogged. It’s just been close.

There have been a few distractions around my place, mostly good, but not all. I managed to go up the coast for a few days after my birthday; that was pleasant and ultimately productive.

Before and after that trip, there have been fires. Currently, a fire that is a eerie rerun of 2017 Tubbs Rd fire is burning east of Santa Rosa, having burned and threated much of St Helena and Calistoga in Napa County. In Sonoma County, 65,000 people have left their homes under an evacuation order.

There’s good news I can’t talk about yet, so.

And there’s good news I can talk about. Copper Road, the sequel to Aluminum Leaves, should be coming out by the end of the year, baring unforeseen circumstances. (A foolish thing to say in 2020, I know.) In fact, it might be out mid-November.

Once I have a cover I’ll do a cover reveal here.

Copper Road is a full novel, about 90,000 words. While part of the book follows Erin Dosmanos and Trevian Langtree as they try to beat back the mind-controlling parasites from another reality, I also introduce Trevian’s smart, take-no-shit ex-fiancĂ© Ilsanja Silvestro and Trevian’s sister Aideen, who struggles to save the family’s company when her father is the victim of a murderous attack. It’s got bandits, mind-control, a lesbian love story, horses and chocolate, so there should be something on that list that will appeal to you. More later!

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