Book Three. First Draft. Done

It’s not only waaaay too long, it’s waaaay too long and rambly! Characters behave inconsistently and while I’ve got all the elements in there and most of the beats are right, the climax seems rushed.

And I don’t care. None of that matters because this is the first draft. The structure of the story is on the page. I can work with this.

It gets to rest–or I do, one or the other–until January 6, 2021, which, in case you were wondering, is a completely arbitrary date, just like my personal deadline for completing a first draft was totally arbitrary. Because deadlines work for me, that’s mainly the reason.

Then I read the whole thing through, start to finish. And then I begin revising.

While I am doing that, I will also start revising the Secret Project I Can’t Talk About. This balancing act will be tricky, because while the Secret Project needs less revision, the revisions are what I would call deeper, requiring more thought. I’m thinking I may have to divide up my day, mornings and afternoons, by project.

By the way, not a single word of this is a complaint!

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