Fly Me To the Moon (or a Story of Mine, Anyway)

In fall of 2021, a short story of mine will go the moon. No, seriously. Our natural satellite? Neil Armstrong? Dark side? Werewolves? The moon, the actual moon. For real.

My short story “Adagio for Tiamat Station” was published in the anthology series Beyond the Stars, Vol 6, Unimagined Realms, a few years back. As you might have gathered, the series had legs (I was in Volume 6) and quite a following.

Recently the editor and publisher informed me that a digitized version of now all seven volumes will be part of the payload for the Astrobotics Peregrine’s Mission One. This lunar lander will deliver materials to the moon, including testing equipment. Reading material will be included. there are 57 writers represented in the series, and I’m one of them.

Here is some information about the public-private program and its first three missions. Here’s a cool infographic about the Peregrine lander itself.

This is the kind of wild serendipitous thing I never thought would happen to me. My words will be on the moon! Who will read them? Future terrestrial astronauts? Extra-solar visitors? Will they like my story?

In closing, here is the publisher herself, discussing the project, right after she sings the title song.

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