Golden Rifts, a Check-In

Just a check-in on the other writing project due out this spring. I am finishing up copy-edits for Book Three in the Copper Road series. Golden Rifts is scheduled for release May 19, 2022.

Golden Rifts wraps up the New Way war, as the humans in Trevian’s timeline race to stop the hive mind parasites from opening yet another portal and launching a wholesale invasion of his world. Erin has high hopes when the other guardian, Wing Mei, joins the fight. Erin is shocked to discover that Mei has a different view of the fight and the world. Expecting a comrade with the same goals and background, Erin instead wrestles with yet another point of view. Her choice becomes even more stark. Where does she belong?

Back in Trevian’s home town of White Bluffs, his sister Aideen and her lover Ilsanja fight parasites and patriarchy to keep the town, and their energy plant, safe and thriving.

I’m proud that I competently finished a multi-book series. I hope I created interesting characters and a complex but readable story. Then there are the inevitable “lessons learned,” which I will share in some later posts.

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2 Responses to Golden Rifts, a Check-In

  1. Jeff says:

    Fighting “parasites and patriarchy”… sounds like just another day in OUR world!

  2. Marion says:

    Jeff, yes! Pretty standard in that respect.

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