Book Party Recap!

The May 14th book party was wonderful! People had so many options that glorious Saturday; to go to parks or the ocean, have a picnic, or show up to demonstrate for women’s rights, as many, many people did just one block west of the store. I was gratified to see them out there–and angry that we have to do this again.

But a lot of people, ranging in age from 9 to 92, chose to come to the book launch party!

20 people, mostly masked, seated on folding chairs.
People were respectful of the mask request. We had folks from age 9 to 92.

Brandy introduced me; I read a bit, took questions from the audience (good questions too!), and then signed some books. The crowd was full of writers, including two well-known authors; Brian Fies, author of Mom’s Cancer, Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow, and A Fire Story; and Ed Davis whose debut novel The Last Professional came out earlier this year.

Brandy Mow, on the right, introduces me. Both standing in front of the New Arrives bookcase
Brandy Introduces me.

The food table; left to right, napkins, crackers, cheese, grapes, cocktail shakers, hummus, cookies.
And the most important element, the food table!

We kept it pretty simple except for the mocktails; offering a couple of cheeses, crackers and glutin-free crackers, grapes, hummus and carrot sticks, and cookies including some vegan and glutin free offerings. The mocktail mixing stations took up the bulk of the table.

At least one person (jokingly) grumbled about the food blocking access to the all-important History sections!

View through window to back of store. Two copies of Comeuppance Served Cold in foreground
Because of the reflection I couldn’t get the announcement photographed, just the books.
Marion Deeds reading. Photo by Brian Fies
Me reading. Photo by Brian Fies.

The store was open during this time, but just as I was nearing then end of my reading, the door opened, a person stepped in, said, “Oh, no!” and fled! Brandy went after them. They said they’d come back, but I think I may have scared them permanently.

Aluminum Leaves and Copper Road, held by Jeff
Jeff, bookseller extraordinaire, shows my two Falstaff Books novels.
Marion holding pen upright like a dart, ready to sign a book. Photo by Brandy Mow
No, I’m not preparing to hurl my pen like a dart, I’m just getting ready to sign this. Photo by Brandy Mow, I think.
Marion Deeds (left) Ed Davis, right
Me with Ed Davis
Foreground, Marion holding cocktail shaker. Brandy in background
Nice shot of the Sebastopol Cookie Company cookies! Getting ready to get my shake on.
Pink drink in martini glass with thyme spring garnish, jigger to left
Here’s what they looked like.

Finally, an image not directly related to the event, but one I like. Here I am, relaxed, in the shop’s famous red chair, one the Three Sisters who grace Second Chances. (The chair is one of the Three Sisters, not me.)

Marion in a blue jacket and blue hat, seated in red velvet chair.
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