Gallery Bookshop display, l to r, Burning Woman, Chicktionary, Comeuppance Served Cold.
The display table at Gallery Bookshop.

I had two book events the final week of August. Thursday, August 25, I participated in a three-writer event at the Gallery Bookshop in Mendocino, CA. I joined Sharon Strong, who read from her memoir, Sherry Glaser, who shared information about her book and her movement to change the spelling of English words. We were a crone-energy panel, and the small audience, about ten people, radiated crone energy too. That’s a feature, not an insult. I felt welcomed, and had a great time. My book, a novel, was an outlier, but that added to the fun, and there was a lot of synchronicity across our work.

I wasn’t able to take any pictures. I could have asked Rob, our coordinator, but he had tasks, including timekeeping. I did get a picture of the most important member of the event, though–Catsby, the bookstore cat. He waited by the entrance for us to arrive (although it’s also possible the pavement was slightly warm and he was enjoying that). During the panel he wandered among the audience and finally jumped up on someone’s lap, which I think is unusual for him.

Our audience waited patiently. Catsby, the black and white store cat, curled up on the pavement outside the door.
Our audience waited patiently.

On Saturday the 27th I did a Meet and Greet at Word Horde Emporium of the Weird and Fantastic, at the Outlet Mall in Petaluma. Ross and Jenn moved their store a couple of month ago, along with Stephanie, who owns the pet-specialty shop Our Best Friends, which shares the space. Saturday was their Grand Reopening.

With my name on it! Sandwich board outside Emporium of the Weird. "It's our Grand Reopening." Join us! Meet Author Marion Deeds."
With my name on it!

A friend said it must be exciting to see the sandwich board with my name on it, and it was exciting. The event was relaxed and fun. Fiona, Stephanie’s Javanese terrier was the official greeter.

The official greeter. Black terrier lying in front of a case of games.
The official greeter.

It was a great chance to see friends from my old work, and make some new friends. And I loved the table they set up for me.

The Table. Raven and skeleton table cloth, black on white, l to r, Copper Road, Comeuppance Served Cold, Golden Rifts.

It was great to have actual events–due to the driving and the timing, it was also a little it tiring. I’m not sure how I would do in a fullblown old-fashioned multi-city book tour–but probably I’ll never have to find out.

Definitely a good time.

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