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2 Responses to Incoming

  1. Lorrie Akey says:

    Great catch with the camera. I admire all of you folks who are so good with your cameras. I few years back my son bought me a camera. I took some pictures and the next thing I knew he was giving me another new camera. I asked why and he told me the pictures were not so good with the last one. I asked him, “did you ever think it is the photographer?” Alas, after a few pictures with the newer camera….well, he’s given up on buying me cameras. Ever the optimist, I just bought a new one…but to carry in my car. And every time I go to use it, the battery is dead!!!! So what’s up with that…do batteries die just because a few weeks go by and no pictures have been taken? I guess so…this would be photographer just doesn’t have the skills even though I know I have the eye. I need a cameraman!!!

    Oh, and what type of humming bird is this. I don’t believe I have ever seen one with such a rusty color.

  2. Marion says:

    This is so funny, Lorrie! About the batteries; if the camera isn’t on, the batteries should last more than a few weeks. It may be longer than you think, of course. Regarding the variety of hummingbird, I think that these were rufous hummingbirds. I wasn’t sure. They are a different from the Anna’s hummingbirds we have here.

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