Nanowrimo Metrics

Word Count:   33,128

What happened:

Allegra spotted a connection between the dumped bodies and the increased seismic activity, although nobody knows what the connection means.  She also got fired by her client, when she told him to stop pretending his artifact was stolen when everyone knows he sold it because he needed money.  Holly came across a strange document in the crate of books she was cataloguing, and she made a protection amulet.  That’s good, because pretty soon she is going to need it.

Allegra had a tense conversation with Archer, while Chess and Matthew were on stakeout.  This gave me the chance to fill in some backstory about Chess and Allegra and their parents.

Chess, in his canine form, leaped into the back of Bronwyn’s van as she was leaving with her black-market magical artifact.

In 1849, in Scarborough, the town was stricken by the brutal murder of a missing chambermaid.  Bronwyn woke from a terrible dream to find that Leticia, the bride-to-be, had vanished.

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4 Responses to Nanowrimo Metrics

  1. Chad Hull says:

    Allegra is such a pretty name. I haven’t been following the narrative but I hope nothing bad happens to her.

  2. Marion says:

    Well, maybe nothing permanently bad happens to her much. Much.

  3. Marion says:

    Chad, I didn’t get a chance to leave a long comment on your site, but I have really enjoyed the in-depth commentary on the Sinai Quartet. I read one of theses books years ago. Your commentary is really tempting me back to read the whole set. Thank you.

  4. Chad Hull says:

    I am now decidedly concerned for Allegra’s future well-being…

    Glad you’re liking my thoughts on Whittemore’s books. I’ve found them all to be far from easy reading but each really is something special.

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