MK Ultra Test Subject #308

That was written across the bottom of a one-dollar bill I got as change the other day. Actually there’s a slash between the MK and Ultra so it looks like: MK/Ultra. And the pen skipped on the down strokes of the M and the U in “Subject.” What would the CSI teams make of that? Or Sherlock Holmes? Or House?

As everyone knows, MK Ultra was a CIA experiment in the 50’s and 60’s (or 40’s and 50’s?) that had to do with brainwashing and messing with people’s minds. I think they used LSD—at least they were rumored to. It had one of the cooler names for a dark, twisted clandestine operation—much better than PRANK, which was, I think, also the name of a CIA operation. The difference is that PRANK sounds disarming and kind of cute—like a prank—while MK Ultra sounds more like what it really was, so PRANK is probably the more effective name.

I don’t know what the words on this bill mean. Who was/is the mysterious Test Subject #308? The bill is a 2003 vintage bill with the completely centered George Washington picture. Rosario Merin and John W Snow signed it. And someone, somewhere, slipped it to Test Subject #308, perhaps while he/she was tripping. Hmmm. Is there a novel idea there? No, not really. I’m just a sucker for money with words written on it.

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