Lone Star

Huffington Post had a story today about the mayor of a Texas town who, after wining 89% of the vote in his last re-election, resigned this week, announcing that he was in love with a man who was not in the United States legally. He is quoted as saying something like, “I had to do the right thing, and we had to go stand in line in Mexico for a visa,” instead of getting sworn in.

This story has practically everything! First of all, it’s Texas. You know, “I’m-leaving-the-union-where’s-my-money” Texas! Secondly, it’s about gay love, undocumented immigration and doing the right thing. It’s just about perfect right there. But wait. There’s icing on this delicious moral/personal/political cupcake—the mayor’s last name is Lown. That has to be pronounced “Lone,” doesn’t it? As in Lone Star State? Did somebody make this up?

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