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I’ve been gathering some interesting Supreme Court Nominee quotes. Then I wanted to post a discussion of the movie Angels and Demons, but things happened and I haven’t gotten it done yet.

Then, today, I came across this, and it is simply too precious to waste. I had to post it before Jon Stewart gets hold of it. This is a description (with a quote) of a speech former President Bush gave on 5/28/09 in Michigan. Added emphasis is mine and mine alone.

“Next to the time he learned America had been attacked by terrorists, Bush said his most troubling time was the near economic collapse late in his presidency. Told inaction would lead to a crisis worse than the Great Depression, Bush said he decided he had to intervene to prevent widespread stock market collapse and bank failure.

“That’s a sobering moment,” he said. “I thought about it, and I didn’t really want to be that president. So I abandoned free-market principles.” ”

“Bush: Freedom will prevail and economy thrive;” Josh Weinhold, the Elkhart Truth, as quoted at Msnbc.com


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