Hello, 2011

It’s the time for making resolutions.  I never do very well with this.  I pick the usual things (Exercise more!  Lose weight!  Right).  I think I’m going to pick some easy resolutions this time. 

There’s a gimmick where you choose as a resolution something you already do, or are going to do, anyway, and then you look like a success.  “I resolve to eat more chocolate in 2011;” that sort of thing.  I’m not going to quite do that, but I am going to set the bar pretty low. 

  1. I resolve to keep the birdfeeders full.  Hey, it’s not as easy as it sounds! 

2. I resolve to say one nice thing to someone each day; not a thank you or acknowledgement of good work because I try to do that anyway, but a random nice comment.  This can include Facebook. 

3. More leafy green vegetables—including the wonder-leaf, kale.  (This one is probably not a winner.) I’ll let you know if it takes care of sugar cravings.

 4. I resolve to check Reading the Leaves especially on Sunday, or Monday evenings, so I can check out all the fascinating links Terry assembles for us. I always read her reviews but her links are amazing.

 5. I resolve to read award-winning author Brian Fies’s blog more regularly. In case you didn’t know, Brian managed to rhyme “arsenious” and “genius” in his Christmas poem.  For this reason alone, people should be reading him.

2011 should be an interesting year for me in a couple of ways.  This is a year where I have to do a lot of planning and getting things in order, since I plan to retire in early 2012 and certain things must be in place.  That’s actually a little scary.  In some respects, it will be the year of The Last Time I Do That.  I am looking forward to that part. 

There needs to be more travel in my life in 2011. 

There may need to be more writing in 2011, but there definitely needs to be more sending things out in 2011.  A writer friend of mine self-published one of his novels through the Kindle store, and I’m liking that idea.  I’m also toying with the idea of writing some flash fiction and posting it here.  No promises, no resolutions, just some thoughts. 

Well, that’s it then.  Signing off—I have to go top up those birdfeeders.

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