Box o’ Books

Last Saturday the Four-Eyed Frog had an in-store special, walk-in or call, order two books and the third book is free.  Since this was an inventory-reduction activity, it was limited to stock on hand.  We called and ordered six books and the first box showed up yesterday! 

Half our order appeared.  There were two Monkeewrench thrillers from the mother-and-daughter writing team of P.J. Tracy, and one Greywalker fantasy by Kat Richardson

Spouse gets dibs on the Monkeewrench books because they were his order.  I started Poltergeist last night.  This book is based on a real experiment that took place in Canada, and the information about faked séances (and not-so-faked séances) is fascinating, with a nice hat-tip to the classic Lord Peter Wimsey mystery, Strong Poison.

I’m waiting for some Jim Butcher books in Box Two—not to mention my previous order that includes some reference books on Victorian architecture and two reprints of H. Rider Haggard novels. 

Speaking of books . . .  Chad Hull has a blog called Fiction is So Over-Rated, and I suggest you pop over there and read his insightful and thoughtful review of a book called Annabel.  I enjoy all of Chad’s reviews, but this is an author I haven’t heard of, and Chad goes into depth about the book.  It’s an excellent commentary on a novel with an intriguing premise.

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2 Responses to Box o’ Books

  1. Chad Hull says:

    WO0T W0OT!

    Thanks for the plug! I feel all special and self aware now, as if people are looking at me… (I guess I have to go back and check the spelling on that review…)


  2. Marion says:

    Your spelling was fine!

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