Grillin’ Bibles–a Halloween Treat

Looking for a unique Halloween experience for the kids? Here’s a thought—how ’bout a bible burning? A North Carolina congregation is doing just that.

I thought maybe this was a Church of Satan thing because, well, it sounds that way, doesn’t it? I was wrong. It’s a tiny fundamentalist Christian group. For Halloween, they’re going to burn copies of all the bibles they don’t like—and there are lots. The only bible they do like is the King James Bible.

It’s hard to burn books because they are dense and you need high heat (451 degrees Fahrenheit keeps coming to mind, for some reason) so they have a list of other books to burn, (starters, I guess)including some by James Dobson, Billy Graham and the writers of the “Left Behind” series.

After all that, a tasty chicken barbecue will be served, because charcoaling the word of God really works up an appetite. We’ll hope that the chicken is grilled over wood chips or propane, not immolated bibles.

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