Big Box of Books

Last night when I got home I found a big box in my chair. It was from the Four-Eyed Frog, and chock full of books!

Here’s what was in there:

  • Seraphina by Rachel Hartman, a YA fantasy. This has been getting great reviews.
  • Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell
  • Vanished and Labyrinth by Kat Richardson. Hurray! Two Greywalker books. If you like urban fantasy, check out this series. If you haven’t read urban fantasy,Greywalker is the first book in the series and I recommend it.
  • Wool, by Hugh Howey
  • The Time Keeper, by Mitch Albom. I didn’t realize he was the author of Tuesdays in the Park with Morrie. This is a fable about a clock-maker and life. I hope it is worth the price.
  • Prince of the Elves, byKazu Kibuishi. This is the fifth graphic novel in the Amulet series. I’ve reviewed the first four on It’s aimed at middle schoolers, but well drawn, with likeable characters and a compelling, complex story about good, evil and the uses of power.


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