Ready for All Hallow’s Read?

I have about 50 books ready to give away next Thursday. I lament the dearth of picture books, but I ended up buying some new Golden Books from Copperfield’s to cover that gap. When I find Golden Books in Goodwill, they are in pretty poor condition so I was forced to the more pricey option. Golden Books are $4 each new.

I have a couple of copies of Harry Potter books, some Piercy Jackson and some Pendragon for the slightly older kids.

Mockingbird was a good source for some books. So was the Rohnert Park Friends of the Library Store and the large Goodwill store on Sebastopol Avenue in Santa Rosa. This superstore has an employee who used to work in a bookstore, and it is mission to organize the books more than they used to be. I applaud this! Someday they might even be alphabetical by author!

So I think along with candy and my admiration for costumes (how many Thors will there be? How many Amy Ponds? How many Ironmen? How many TARDISes?) I can give out a good array of reading matter to those hordes of trick-or-treaters.

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