My Baby’s Back

And by “baby” I mean, of course, my car. My car. My beautiful, reliable, familiar car. My car that doesn’t have a fake-shift option.

Advanced Tech Collision did the work. I am pleased. They replaced the damaged fender and matched the paint perfectly. Then they washed the inside and outside. The car looks radiant.

I warmed up to the Chevy Cruze a bit when it got 27 mpg highway during a drive to and from San Rafael. I will, now, grudgingly admit that for a non-hybrid, it was a pretty good high-mileage car. And I did adjust to the cabin. I never did adjust to having to “shift” again and my left foot kept twitching because it thought it should be pressing down on that pedal, but there was no pedal there. That’s no way to treat a left foot.

Anyway, I’m back in familiar territory, and very happy.

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