John Scalzi, Alexandra Erin and That Guy Who Hates John Scalzi

That Guy Who Hates John Scalzi had a diabolically clever plan to use the Great Hugo Kerfluffle of 2015 as a launching pad for a book he wrote about how Social Justice Warriors Always Lie. His book is about 200 pages long. I’m sure he spent a couple of weeks, in his spare time, working on it, and it seems to be selling nicely. It did have two chapters labeled Chapter Five. Apparently That Guy, who was nominated for Best Editor on the Hugo shortlist by the splinter groups, didn’t edit the book very well. I’ve heard that you should never edit your own work. Maybe he needs to consider that.

SF writer Alexandra Erin decided to write a parody of That Guy’s book. She is also very busy, but she wrote hers in a one day. It’s also not 200 pages (more like 20) but I think she captured the gist. Having read That Guy’s blog and various pronouncements in various comment streams, I can tell you she captured That Guy’s style flawlessly. Of special interest, I think, are the appendices.

Clearly, to write the parody, Erin had to read the source material, so… you know. condolences.

You can find John Scalzi is Not a Very Popular Author While I Myself am Very Popular on Amazon and also on Sellfy, which is where I got it as a pdf. It’s only an e-book (and the source material is also only available as an e-book).

In a desperate attempt to drum up attention for himself, the not-very popular writer and blogger of the title is currently running a fundraiser. If people donate to Con or Bust, an organization that helps people of color attend science fiction conventions and events, he’ll create an audio book of Erin’s book read by him. That goal has already been met and in fact, he’s into stretch goals now. It seems odd that he could have raised nearly $10,000 in the first 48 hours, since he isn’t very popular, but, well, life is strange.

There seems to be a legitimate question about Con of Bust’s 501(c)3 status, which means that your donation might not be tax deductable, if that matters to you. If you don’t want to donate until that’s cleared up you can always wait and donate later.

Other than the writing itself, this work is only going to be really funny to people who have followed That Guy’s obsession with Scalzi, but I know you’re out there.

Not only is this hilarious, but thanks to the fundraiser, I discovered Alexandra Erin’s blog, which I will be visiting more frequently.

That Guy Who Hates John Scalzi’s hatred and vitriol has now been channeled to help raise over $5,000 for RAINN, a non-profit that offers protection and advocacy for victims of domestic abuse, and over $10,000 to send people of color and ethnic non-whites to event in the science fiction field. I call that good work. I’d like to act all virtuous, but really, Erin’s book is just funny.




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