Just an Observation

            There’s a run-off election for county supervisor in my district.  One candidate is styled as the “environmental candidate.”  The Environmental Candidate has said that the other candidate is in the pocket of the developers and doesn’t understand the district’s environmental issues.

            One day last week while I sorted out the mail, I decided to keep a stack of mailers, or fliers, from each campaign.  I included the ones that eddy up in a little pile on my doormat each weekend like autumn leaves.

            At the end of the week, here’s what I had:

            Environmental Candidate:      3

            In-the-Pocket Candidate:       0

            To be fair, not all of the three came from the Environmental Candidate’s campaign.  One came from a group of people who have banded together and given money to that campaign (and printed up mailers).  There is a particular piece of land in the district they want to see handled a certain way.

            And, after all, mailers re-cycle, don’t they?

            Maybe the In-the-Pocket candidate can’t afford mailers.  Developers aren’t doing so well these days.

            As I said,  just an observation.

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