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The Lost Symbol Fails

Caution:  Spoilers.  Everywhere.  It’s a whole convention of ‘em. Cathedral College is an elegant, castle-like edifice located adjacent to the National Cathedral.  The College of Preachers, as it was originally envisioned by the first Episcopal bishop of Washington, was founded … Continue reading

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The Checklist of Seven

Lots of research about a strange or obscure topic?  Check.  Famous or exotic location?  Check.  Moderately attractive woman who is a success in her (usually scientific) field?  Check.  Guidebook-quality descriptions?  Check.  Physically freakish villain with implausible motivation?  Check.  Very short … Continue reading

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Angels and Demons, Salsa And Chips

Angels and Demons Starring: Tom Hanks, Ewan MacGregor Directed by: Rom Howard, 2009 (Warning; May contain spoilers) Oh, no! A [a) terrorist; b) disgruntled ex-employee; c) fanatic] has stolen a [a:) nuclear warhead; b) deadly neurotoxin; c:)canister of anti-matter] from … Continue reading

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