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“And in this Tower of Babel . . .”

 “Thank you.  Thank you very much.  Please be seated. Thank you so much.  Heads of state, Cabinet members, my outstanding Vice President, members of Congress, religious leaders, distinguished guests, Admiral Mullen — it’s good to see all of you.  Let … Continue reading

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What’s Obama Done for us Lately?

I mean, he’s been in office nearly a year now and he hasn’t done anything except, like, be Hitler and take away Medicare and have death panels and bow to people and pick on Fox and stuff. Total slacker! What’s … Continue reading

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The Heart of a New Machine

“He is no more than the chief officer of the people, appointed by the laws, and circumscribed with definite powers, to assist in working the great machine of government erected for their use, and consequently subject to their superintendence.” Thomas … Continue reading

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How Refreshing!

This was my non-work Monday, so I only had to go in for one meeting. It was done about 45 minutes earlier than expected, which was great. It meant I had time to watch President Obama’s prime-time press conference at … Continue reading

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