Running in Slow Motion; A Writing Exercise.

My husband and I have this thing we do sometimes where we run toward each other in fake slow motion* –true, silly, very, very dreadfully silly we have been and are, but why will you say that this is bad? — anyway, sometimes we walk together but sometimes we don’t walk together and that’s not a comment on the relationship but more an indication of separate errands and interests and okay, maybe that is about the relationship but not in a bad way because it means we’ve grown and sometimes when he goes out for a walk he turns north at the sidewalk and then later I go out for a walk and I turn south at the sidewalk and sometimes we see each other in the distance in the middle of this loop and we hold out our arms and lift each leg slowly, sloooowyyy and lean forward and set it doooowwnnn and then the other leg slooowly and lean forward and you get the drift; and sometimes we say in a high-pitched voice, “Blake! Blaaay-ke!” because even though we never actually watched this show that was on called Dynasty we did watch it this one time and there was a thunderstorm and the main guy was unconscious in the rain for some reason and his wife who was named Linda — no that’s the actress — it was Crystal, that’s right, Crystal Carrington, which now that I think about it sounds like it should be a company that makes window treatments like, “Valences and miniblinds by Crystal Carrington” anyway Crystal goes out on horse in the storm I don’t know why a horse but I’m sure there was  good reason – (was it a horse, hon?) (My husband says yes it was a horse) — yelling over the rain and the wind and stuff, “Blake! Blaaay-ke!” because that was the guy’s name, and even though unconscious people don’t usually answer you she finds him and they go home, so sometimes we yell “Blaayke” just because it’s funny and the other day my husband went out for a walk and turned north at the sidewalk and later I went out and I turned south at the sidewalk, only I went out a lot later and I was only about three doors down from our house and I could see my husband and the neighbor was out edging his lawn and I said, “Hi,” and he said, “Hi,” and then he looked down the sidewalk at my husband, looked at me, looked at my husband again and I said, “What?” and he said, “I wondered if you were going to run at each other in slow motion.”

[*Part of this account are fictionalized for entertainment purposes.]

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