Where You Can Find My Work

A short story of mine called “Adagio for Tiamat Station” will appear in Beyond the Stars; Unimagined Realms on 8/24/18. I’ll post the link as soon as I have one.

I don’t have a ETA on my fantasy novella from Falstaff Books yet. The title is Aluminum Leaves. At last, I have learned to spell “aluminum.” The story is part of the Shattered Cities series, about parallel worlds.

“Littoral Zone,” my general fiction story about a bad relationship, can be found in the Noyo River Review, Volume 6.

And then the old standbys:

“Strays,” in Flash Fiction Online.

“Location, Location, Location,” in Daily Science Fiction.

“Never Truly Yours” in Podcastle.

“Magpie’s Curse” in the cross-genre anthology Strange California.

I hope there will be more to come, sooner rather than later!

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