Almost Nearly Pretty Close to Done

Nope, not a work of fiction: the living-room-to-library process.

Today I sat in the converted room with my baby laptop, writing, pausing now and then to glance up at the bookshelves, listening to KDFC on an old-fashioned boombox. I could have listened through the laptop (I’ve done it before) but I liked the boombox better.

On the other side of the room, the east-facing window-wall, are two single book cases that used to hold only mass market paperbacks. One now holds the books I have designated as Giveaway books for Fantasy Literature, and my To Be Read (TBR) pile. (This is optimistic and misleading, since I’m not including the pile by the chair, the two books in my car, and the stack by the bed, all of which are To Be Read.)

I don’t know what I’m going to do with the other case yet.

It doesn’t look like very many books, but admittedly this is after a several-week process of winnowing (and doesn’t include the books still on the other two cases). There is a rudimentary charging station at the lower left, which still looks unsightly. I haven’t quite figured out how to address that yet, but I will.

I’m surprised that of the fiction I’ve decided to keep so far, I only have about 200 books. That comprises about 96 authors. To my pleasant surprise, 55 of those authors are women (57%). I suspect that if I counted books by men versus books by women, that percentage would flip, though — more than flip. I still think I read more novels and short fiction by men than by women.

Not pictured is the section with poetry, where the Romantics are (lamentably) over-represented; and the measly little section containing My Works. I hope that grows with time.

I now await the infamous Comfy Chair, which should be delivered o June 11. I am debating getting two comfy chairs. It wouldn’t break the budget.

Updates will continue as needed.

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