Aluminum Leaves has a Release Date!

Falstaff Books will release Aluminum Leaves on August 1, 2019!

Before then, I will get page-proofs. This will the closest to what the book will really look like when it comes into the world! (I made that sound like an ultrasound, and that’s kinda how I feel.)

They will have e-ARCS available. I already had one FanLit reviewer say they’ll take one, so that’s exciting… and nerve-wracking.

Falstaff recommends I do a “cover reveal” about two weeks before the book is released. That’ll be here, on Facebook, on Twitter and maybe on the FanLit facebook page if Kat will let me… and I might include an item in my weekly column.

I assume (but haven’t confirmed) that the story will be available on Amazon, as well as on Falstaff’s website. The line it’s part of is Broken Cities, which, I’m told, will have its one page here pretty soon.

As I know more, you’ll know more!

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