Cover Artist Chosen

The publisher of the fantasy anthology The Wand That Rocks the Cradle has chosen a cover artist. Her name is Melody Knighton.

I confused myself. When I did a search, I found another Knighton, Monica Knighton, who is also an illustrator, also mostly dealing with the fantastical. I was sort of surprised until I realized She Was Not the Artist I Was Looking For.

I like Melody Knighton’s color palettes very much. Her figures are quite youthful, which certainly leans toward a “family” vibe, and they are definitely “family friendly,” which most (but not all) of the stories in the book are. (I’m wondering if reviewers of the book are going to comment, actually — while there’s no foul language, two of the stories are very, very dark).

Anyway, there’s her work. It may not be perfectly to my taste, but it’s lively and inviting, which is what we want, right?

If time and circumstances permit, I’ll do a “cover reveal,” so watch this space!

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