Living Room to Library; the Final Phase

Please notice that I did not title this “Project Complete.”

Scandinavian Designs delivered a chair in the correct color and a functioning lamp this morning.

The chair is very comfortable for me. Spouse tried it and thought it was good, except the seat pan inclines down in the back in a way he didn’t love. The back support is great.

The inkwell belonged to my maternal grandfather, and I’m happy to finally have a place for it where it gets seen and has some respect.

There is one more new-to-me addition to the room, the desk lamp I bought at an antique shop in Benicia. No, it doesn’t match the color scheme, and no, I don’t care, and yes, I like it very much.

What’s left? There is an artwork to be hung that I need Spouse’s help with. And there are two old wooden chairs to either be rearranged or replaced. I haven’t decided which yet.

The charging station is unsightly. Honestly, I don’t know why I care — how attractive a power strip, ever?– but I do. The search continues for a box long enough to store a power strip and high enough to prove room and ventilation. Another bit that will require Spouse’s help, I think.

And… there are still books!

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