Brian Hauser at Copperfield’s

Copperfield’s Petaluma hosted a low-key author event on Wednesday, July 17. Debut horror novelist Brian Hauser read from Memento Mori; the Fathomless Shadows.  

I liked Memento Mori a lot. I guess “creeping dread,” is my favorite brand of horror. I reviewed the book here.

Like other horror writers I’ve heard, Hauser, in person, is cheerful and funny.

A group of about ten people attended. Most were knowledgeable horror fans, although one young woman told me afterward she was a film person and came to the book via that medium. This is appropriate since Hauser is a professor of film.

When asked about his inspiration for this type of horror, Hauser talked about place. There are places in nature that offer him peace and relaxation; places that fill him with awe. And Hauser, who taught in Potsdam, New York, the tempate for Redstone in the book, said he never once felt at ease in that place.

I recommend the book, and the evening was a nice “welcome home!”

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