40 Copies

It’s a good thing my first actual published book is skinny, so I can fit 40 copies on one shelf.

I plan for some of these to move into the world. First of all, thanks to the wonderful SF bookstore, Borderlands, some will be available at FOGCon, March 6-8, in Walnut Creek. I also plan to do a reading there.

I’ve reached out to a few west coast bookstores about consignment. After the ebullient encouragement I got from Borderlands, the change in tone from Book Passage, Marin County’s premiere book store and gathering place, was a shock, like getting a stream of ice-cold water down the back of your neck.

To be fair, they are probably flooded with emerging, self-published writers who don’t understand much about how selling books works. Book Passage champions local authors, and they did accept a review copy, so I’m guardedly hopeful.

Honestly, I think the warm responses I’ve gotten at the Copperfield’s stores and Four-Eyed Frog, and the great telephone conversation and follow-up email from Borderlands, spoiled me and gave me the wrong expectation. A bookstore exists to sell books, after all, not support fledgling writers.

I’ve also reached out to the delightful Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle, Washington. Elliott Bay Book Company manages to lay out a clear and thorough overview of their consignment process without making it sound like “you must answer this riddle correctly or you shall not pass.” I sent an email to Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon. I could not find consignment information on Powell’s website, but I figure the worst that can happen is that they’ll tell me “No.”

I’ve reached out to one store in Eugene, Oregon, and have two more possibles.

Next, I need to gird my loins (do women gird their loins? And I typed “lions,” first and I like that better– I will gird my lions) and investigate southern California speculative fiction bookstores. I’ve reached out to the SWFA Book Depot which is part of the Nebula Event weekend, but haven’t heard anything yet.

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  1. Terry Connelly says:

    Keep working on this! Your book is amazing.

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