The Way We Live Now #8

Stranded cruise ships.
No masks needed.
Six feet of distance is good!
Walk in the street.
Making sourdough.
What’s Zoom?
Masks made from socks.
Masks made from T-shirts.
Masks made from scarves.
N95 Masks.
Don’t use N95 masks.
Social distancing.

YouTube “living room” concerts.
Stores closed.
Essential workers.
No funerals.
Bodies in ice rinks.
“Anyone can get a test.”
Not enough tests.
Don’t pet the dogs!
Zoom calls—it’s easy!
Teddy bears in the windows.

Drive by church services.
Not enough tests.
Wearing a mask certainly can’t hurt.
Beaches are closed.
Parks are closed.
Toilet paper shortages.
Hand sanitizer shortages.
Sugar shortages.
Flour shortages.
Hand sanitizer recipes.
Zoom meetings.
Isopropyl alcohol shortage.
180 proof booze shortage.
Video weddings.

Wear a mask.
Testing centers.
“What do you mean, no live sports?”
Current episodes of Jeopardy.
“Hydroxychloroquine—a miracle cure!”
Hydroxychloroquine is not the miracle cure.
Beaches are open!
Beaches are closed.
Jeopardy tournaments.
Drive-by birthdays.
Graduation greetings on the sides of cars.
Blue tape on the floor.
Drink bleach.
Inject disinfectant.
“What have you got to lose?”
Cats of Quarantine.
Cats with masks.
Sculptures with masks.
Zooms drinks parties.
“Plans for Reopening.”

“Jeopardy—from the vault!”
“Hydroxychloroquine—a miracle cure!”
Hydroxychloroquine is still not the miracle cure.
“Limit one per customer.”
Restaurants open for takeout.
Stores—curbside service!
“The poop plume!”
Designer masks.
Zoom fatigue.
Uplifting Youtube videos.
Randy Rainbow.
Parks are open to locals.
Parks are open.
“A crowded park is a closed park.”
White circles in the grass.

Stores are open.
Outside dining.
Message masks.
Hair salons are open.
Bars are open.
Bars are closed.
Hair salons are closed.
“I don’t have to wear no stinking mask!”
In-person political event.
Hot spot.
Hot spots.
Colleges open for in-person activities.
Frat parties.
Hot spots.
Colleges close.
Protestors—wearing masks.
“Oleandrin—it’s a miracle cure!”
Oleandrin is not the miracle cure.
Discussing your Zoom fatigue on your Zoom call.
Plan for Reopening.
“There is no green for normal.”

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