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A couple of interesting links:

If you’re from California, these singers will be vastly entertaining.  If you’re not, you might still like the accoustic instruments and the traditional folk tune, and you will have learned a lot about California politics.  It’s just good fun!

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival posted this article on their Facebook page.  Which are you?  Do you like interactive plays, or do you prefer an inviolate “fourth wall?”  the commenters are as interesting as the article.

Political silliness:  Even if you aren’t fascinated by the weird political race in Delaware, you will probably enjoy this dissection, courtesy of You-Tube.  Oh, some trivia.  The candidate opens by saying, “I’m not a witch.”  Does that seem strange?  It’s because her opponent has been gleefully showing clips of her when she was on Bill Maher, talking about the time she dabbled in witchcraft, and how her first date was on a Satanic altar and she didn’t even know it.  ( How can you be lying on a Satanic altar and not notice?) Sometimes I do wonder why I write fiction.

I stole the links idea from Terry Weyna’s website Reading the Leaves.  Terry combs the internet and finds connections to thoughtful, insightful, passionate articles about science fiction, fantasy, the art of writing and the love of books.  I find snarky political commentary and folk singers.  Don’cha love diversity?

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