L is a Grandmother!

L’s grandson arrived early last week–Sunday the 22nd, I think. He weighs 7 pounds 9 ounces and his name is William Peter. His mom is doing great. Grandparents and friends are clustering around. Tracey has good support and doesn’t seem completely sleep-deprived at this point.

William has perfect fingers and toes. I don’t know why people always mention that, but they do, and I do. There’s something compelling about the miniatureness of them. He has a firm nose and round cheeks. His eyes were closed when I saw him, so I don’t know what color they are. He has a head a glossy dark brown hair. The cartilage ridges inside his ears sweep like lines of calligraphy. My favorite image of him is of his father holding him while bouncing him on a Pilates ball.

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