Nanowrimo Update

A reader of the blog commented that they couldn’t follow the plot or character descriptions I included in my Nanowrimo updates.  Another reader said they weren’t even following the narrative.  I want to reassure everyone that there won’t be a quiz on December 1st.  Most of what I wrote was merely to keep you entertained and prove that I was actually writing something. It appears I may have succeeded with one of those goals at least. 

Nanowrimo ends at midnight tonight, and I reached the winning word-count goal but I have not finished the book.  I intend to continue updates, but in the interest (I hope) of keeping them entertaining I will limit what I write to a Harper’s Index style-blog posting.  

Word count: 52,529

Earthquake faults named:  4

Incidents of intentional Charlotte Bronte homage:  3

Volcanoes named:  2

Latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates given to make things sound more scientific:  2

Number of streets in Berkeley that I say intersect when in fact they run parallel:  2

Made-up words for magical things:  1

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3 Responses to Nanowrimo Update

  1. Chad Hull says:

    What is the made up word?

  2. Terry Weyna says:

    Congratulations for hitting the word count, Marion! Very cool. I hope you’re going to be sharing what you wrote with the rest of us in actual written form instead of just these updates.

  3. Marion says:

    @Chad–the made up word is yaristaxka; yes, partially inspired by the Toyota sub-compact.

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