Nanowrimo Metrics

Word Count:  51,200

What has happened:

Holly was imprisoned in Bronwyn’s basement, where she could sense the presence of blood magic. 

Elias healed Chess’s most grievous wounds but Chess was still weak.  Matthew thought he had a lead on Bronwyn’s whereabouts but it turned out to be a false trail.  Allegra worked out Bronwyn’s plan, and Elias put a name to it, but they still didn’t know where she was hiding. 

In 1849:  Leticia’s body was discovered.  Her throat had been torn open.  James disappeared while searching for her.  Because he was gone, Ransome was able to blame the murder on James.  Bronwyn went to the ruined monastery hoping to find the truth, and was attacked by a supernatural creature.  The mad priest of Scarborough helped her escape. 

Death Toll:  7: Three John Does; Ben, a student at Holly’s school; Leticia, James and a chambermaid. 

Magic workers:  4: Bronwyn; Holly; Chess if you count his shape-shifting; and Elias 

Streets Incorrectly Named in Berkeley Because I Didn’t Look at the Map:  4 

References to UC Campus Landmarks:  3 

Coffee houses named:  1

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2 Responses to Nanowrimo Metrics

  1. Linda says:

    Death Toll? Tal;k about spoilers!!!!

  2. Marion says:

    Oh, please! That’s hardly a spoiler.

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