Hi! We’re SAVOR

The group that coalesced around the farmers’ market project last summer has named itself—in one of those rarest of events, a fun meeting!  We are SAVOR—Sonoma Alliance for a Vegie Outreach Revolution. And we have a mission:  “We are a grassroots coalition, passionate about connecting our neighbors to fresh, healthy local food.”  

We plan to adopt kale, the wonder-vegetable, as our mascot (okay, maybe not really.  But then again, maybe really.) 

Who are we?  Paula, a farmers’ market manager, (although I’m going to ask another market to join); Dr Wendy Kohatsu of the Vista Family Health Center; Rachel and Alison, residents at Vista (Wendy’s students); Alyssa and Jimmy from a local foster youth support program called VOICES; Hasna, an organic farmer, Kenny from Catholic Charities, Beth from Sonoma County Health Services Department, Nancy, the extraordinary extra help person I hired last year and who is now an extraordinary volunteer, and me. 

What will we do?  We’ll have adventures!

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