Four Dinners From the Farmers Market: Update

Monday night:  We had halibut.  It was delicious.  “Nips and taters” were good, but mostly taters.  Still looking for a clever way to cook turnips.  The peach salsa was a little disappointing.  I liked it more than Spouse did.  The white peaches were perfectly ripe but not very sweet.  When you combine this with the fact that white peaches tend to have a more subtle flavor than yellow ones anyway, they were overpowered by the onion and the cilantro. 

The delightful surprise was how sweet new broccoli is.  I have taken that slightly bitter aftertaste for granted for years; fresh, new broccoli doesn’t have it.  

Tuesday was Spouse’s night to cook. Last night I had a complete failure of imagination, so I brought home sandwiches. 

Thursday:  Alaska king salmon, baked, cous-cous (from the store) and a green salad with grocery store avocados and tomatoes but the last of Bernier Farms’s salad mix.  I bought a half a pound and it got me nearly through the week.  Good to know!

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2 Responses to Four Dinners From the Farmers Market: Update

  1. Chad Hull says:

    Sweet broccoli? Intriguing…

  2. Marion says:

    Not sugary, but lacking that strong, almost metallic afterbite that broccoli has sometimes.

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