Spring-Heeled Jack is up on Fanlit

My review of The Strange Affair of Spring-Heeled Jack is posted at Fantasyliterature.com

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2 Responses to Spring-Heeled Jack is up on Fanlit

  1. Chad Hull says:

    Do titles effect you as a reader? They do me (if that makes sense). I hate the title of this book.

    That said, the title is the only thing I know about this book. Guess I should go read the review…

  2. Marion says:

    Chad–this is a horrible title, but apparently Spring-Heeled Jack (which I always want to type as Spring-Helled, for some reason) is a folkloric creature/demon in the Britains. Hodder is going to run out of titles quickly though unless he just gives in and makes them all “The Case of. . .” Depending on the second book, though, I may not be sticking around long enough with the series for his titles to be a problem.

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