The Said Book Goes to a Party

The Said Book accompanied me to the writers’ group on Saturday.  It was the hit of the day.  I passed it around and various fellow writers observed it with awe, fear and contempt. 

“I thought it was a myth,” M murmured reverently, stroking its stained and battered cover with gentle fingers. 

“Rodale wasn’t evil,” K lectured bewilderedly.  “He published one of the first organic cookbooks. Are you sure–” he interrogated sternly, “that this book isn’t a joke?”

“Ha, ha!” expostulated L with hilarity, after opening the book at random. “ ‘Admonished effusively!’  That’s hilarious!”

“It’s disgusting!” R corrected. 

“I think it’s funny!” L shot back. 

S held up his hand. “No need to argue,” he interposed. “You are both correct.” 

R crossed her arms and glared at me.  “The book is evil!” she pronounced in a tone of dread.


 Seriously, I did take the book to the group, and they have given me a writing assignment; find a passage of dialogue from A Farewell to Arms, and said-book the heck out of it.  I think this will be fun! The most difficult part will be footnoting the Said-bookisms I use, since I really should use the book and not make up my own.

 Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to The Said Book Goes to a Party

  1. Chad Hull says:

    Oh, I hope you share thing impending bit of horror.

  2. Chad Hull says:


    It was really late when I was posting last night.

    “Oh, I hope you share ***the*** impending bit of horror.”

    That is in reference to your mash up. It could be funny/scary to read.

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