The Pillow Friend

My comments on Lisa Tuttle’s book The Pillow Friend are up at fanlit.  This book is exquisitely written, with the main character’s interiority deeply developed.  The first half of the book has a powerful sense of place.  The book suffers from a multiple personality disorder; it doesn’t know what it wants to be. 

Also, to my bewilderment, despite the strong and plausible characterization, I never engaged with the main character. I remained intellectually interested in her, but never emotionally invested. Strange, since usually once a character grabs me I will forgive almost anything in the book.

Speaking of brilliant and insightful book reviews, (and we were, weren’t we?) thanks to Chad Hull for this posting on Fiction is so Over-Rated.  Chad, here is another book that I had never heard of, that I will have to go order right now, because you’ve made my interest in it that compelling.  Thanks!

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2 Responses to The Pillow Friend

  1. Chad Hull says:

    Wow! Thank you!

    Start early on a day when you have nothing to do. Don’t be surprised if you finish it in a day. I hope you’ll share your feelings on the book when you finish but, of course, I can’t talk to you ever again if you don’t love it…

  2. Marion says:

    Chad–I’m so glad there is no pressure!

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