A Shout-Out! Holy Roast and Run-Around Brew

The end of last year, Holy Roast, in downtown Santa Rosa, and Run Around Brew, a coffee truck based in west county, both helped me say “thank you” to the great folks who work for me.

The week before Christmas I bought coffee and muffins for the Service Center crew downtown. Holy Roast had everything ready early. They don’t make the muffins there (I think Denise gets them from Muffin Street) but it was a perfect selection and they offered to help me carry them out. Since our office is literally right across the street this wasn’t necessary. They also provided two large thermal containers with coffee and decaf and all the “condiments;” half and half, sugar, artificial sweetener, napkins and stirrers. It was perfect.

The county was closed between Christmas Eve and New Year’s as a cost-savings measure, but some offices had to be open to provide emergency services. We were one of those offices. Actually, we were the only office “on campus” so to speak, that was required to be open. I arranged with Lorraine of Run-Around Brew to show up one morning and hand out coffee drinks, on me. This was a great arrangement! Staff liked it, and I have to say they were pretty cheap dates. It was a nippy morning and many, many people ordered hot chocolate, which is cheaper than a coffee drink or a smoothie. It was a simple things but folks really liked it.

Thanks to Denise and Lorraine for great service and fine products!

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