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Well, I’m sooo-oo-ooo glad that I made changes to my blog so that comments are easier for everyone now!

I’m being sarcastic. Can you tell?

Since I made that change I have been pelted with comments and pingbacks. A whole raft of them look like they’re in Greek. Some of the English comments have offered me the latest best secret stock deal, easy ways to refinance my house; they’ve advised me that Obama wants me to go back to school (I checked, he doesn’t); and five or six have offered me even easier access to porn. That’s so convenient, because around New Year’s I was wandering around the house thinking, “What’s the one thing I need to feel truly whole and fulfilled?” And the answer was “Easier access to porn!” Isn’t that amazing?

Some of the English comments are fake comments, obviously. I know how susceptible to flattery I am, but even I begin to wonder the third time I’ve gotten this exact comment, from different people, “Very insightful posting! I found you on Google and I will return to this interesting site.” Especially when the “insightful posting” in question was titled “Announcements.” Oh, and those comments came from “authors” with names like Ambien and Risperidol.

So, my new, more open approach has given me more time-wasting chores, such as cleaning out my e-mails every day, because only a fraction of these go into the Junk Mail folder. One thing it hasn’t brought me; genuine comments. It’s pretty clear I lost on this deal all the way around.

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2 Responses to Open Comments

  1. John D. says:

    Just remember this insightful mantra from your Child Welfare days:
    “No good deed goes unpunished…”

  2. marion says:

    The comments I said looked like Greek are actaully in Cyrillic. I thought they were Cyrillic at first, but then I second-guessed myself. I have no idea what this means, it’s just interesting.

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