Thirteen Things I’m Thankful For (Retirement Edition)

  1. I’m thankful that I got to retire before the world ends on December 21, 2012, because I got a couple of months of free time.
  2. I’m thankful that I worked in a place that offered a real pension, (even though I had to contribute a good share of the cost, and for several years of employment those contributions were taxed), so that despite the constant assault of certain political groups, I was able to retire, after 35 1/2 years, in some degree of stability and comfort.
  3. I’m thankful that I had a job for 35 1/2 years that was meaningful and made people’s lives better. Not many people get to say that.
  4. I’m thankful that I’m relatively healthy, and that even though it’s outrageously expensive, I have health insurance.
  5. I’m thankful for the internet. It keeps me in touch with family members as far east as Florida and as far west as Hawaii. It lets me post book reviews, and read interesting blogs like io9, Reading the Leaves, Fiction is So Over-rated, and Brian Fies’s blog.
  6. I’m thankful that I live in a county that has 42 beautiful and diverse parks for me to explore.
  7. I’m still thankful for chocolate.
  8. I’m thankful for Cheeko’s Corner and Elena’s Westwide Cafe, two coffee places that are within walking distance of my house.
  9. I’m thankful that I live in a town where, around the corner, a family can sell their eggs on the honor system. They leave out the eggs and a coin box, and people pay for the eggs they take, and they haven’t been ripped off yet.
  10. I’m thankful for my friends, who enrich my life every day.
  11. I’m thankful for Grimm, and for Doctor Who on BBC America.
  12. I’m thankful for Spouse.
  13. I’m still thankful for dogs.
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4 Responses to Thirteen Things I’m Thankful For (Retirement Edition)

  1. Chad Hull says:

    Thankful for my blog? You’re too much!

    I didn’t know about the world ending so soon so thanks for tipping me off. My plans for the next few weeks are changing…

    Hope you had a great Turkey Day.

  2. Marion says:

    Always thankful for your blog. I love your reviews and your ideas.

    Yes, 12/21/2012 is the fateful day as I understand it. Too bad,too, because according to The Economist, 2013 was named the Year of Quinoa by the UN. I’ll hate to miss that.

  3. Terry Weyna says:

    So kind of you to mention Reading the Leaves, even though it is neglected enormously in favor of Fantasy Literature these days. Me, I’m thankful that I got you to join Fantasy Literature; your reviews are marvelous. You have really excellent taste!

    I’m jealous of your pension (I’m likely to be working part-time until I’m 75 or more — but at least it’s already part-time, and became part-time by about the time I hit 50; even though that’s because of a mental inability to work as a full-time lawyer any more, it’s still something I appreciate). I am more jealous of the fact that you can say you had a job that was meaningful and made people’s lives better. Me, I’ve mostly made the world safe for insurance companies, which doesn’t, to my mind, make anyone’s life better. My husband disagrees, saying that I help make the wheels of the world turn, but still. My short time as a temporary part-time research attorney for a court was more meaningful, I think. Unfortunately, those jobs are hard to come by.

    One of these days, I’d love to come to your town and explore all these cool small businesses and farmers’ markets you talk about in this blog. It sounds like you live in a fairly idyllic part of the state!

  4. Marion says:

    Reading the Leaves is a treasure, Terry. I think we all struggle with time to devote to our own blogs when we are reviewing and trying to write, and you are still working, so if it’s Sunday Links only for a bit longer, that is still great.

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