The Birds of Crane Creek Park

First I heard the woodpeckers. As I said in a previous post, Crane Creek Park was very quiet, and the steady rapid-fire knocking of the birds as they drilled holes carried to me from the clump of trees by the creek.

woodpecker tree 01

A little further on, I found evidence of their work, here. Then, there they were, both of them. I didn’t get a good angle to see if the male had a patch of red on its head; so I’m not sure what variety of woodpecker they are.


This is the mystery bird. I think it’s a female kestrel. Here’s a picture of a kestrel. The same?

It wasn’t very nervous. It watched me fiddle with my camera and take numerous pictures for several minutes before flying away—across the path to another tree.

mystery bird profile

mystery bird 02

There were a number of seed-eaters; some chickadees, including the chestnut-backed chickadees I see at the feeder in the yard, and a variety of sparrow I didn’t recognize. I heard, but did not see a pair of ravens calling and knocking, and several doves. I saw an egret across the road from the park, but could not get a good picture.

When I come back in the spring I am bringing a bird book as well as a wildflower guide, for sure.

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