Book Passage; But Did I Buy Any Books?

Of course I did. Really, do you have to ask?

I bought:

Other Worlds Than These, an anthology edited by John ¬†Joseph Adams, who also edits Lightspeed Magazine. Since I’m trying to sell him stories, I guess I ought to see what he likes.

The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes, because I’ve read two reviews by people whose opinions I respect and they both recommend it.

Living with a Wild God by Barbara Ehrenreich. I like her rigorous journalism, but the premise of this book just grabbed me; In sorting out her papers before donating them to a library which has requested them, Ehrenrich stumbles across a journal she kept as a teenager. The journal contains her notes on something that can only be described as a “mystical experience;” something so strange that Ehrenreich never spoke of it again. The book chronicles the attempt of this rationalist journalist to come to grips with the event and fit into an atheistic worldview; but also the attempt of someone nearing sixty to remember back and decipher the experience of adolescence. I was hooked.

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