Dominion on Syfy –Update

Angel Battle

Dominion, Syfy’s new the-angels-hate-us-and-want-to-kill-us-all series, premiered on June 19. I only watched about half an hour of it. Let me put that another way; I managed to watch about half an hour of it before I couldn’t take any more.

(As an aside, I don’t understand intellectual properties law very well, but it seems like Tony Kushner might have a case for the “God went away and left us” trope that keeps popping up in pop-culture. After all, isn’t that one of the key themes in Angels in America?)

(Another aside; the opening and several later scenes reminded me of NBC’s short-lived TV show Kings, without the good writing.)

There were some things I liked. I don’t know if that mosaic artwork will remain part of the credits, but I hope* so. That final shot with a compass-rose-lookin’ thing and two angels in opposition was cool and beautiful.

And… um, well, there had to be more that I liked. Okay, yeah! Listening to Anthony Stewart Head doing an accent from the American South. That was fun.

And,hey, way to repurpose those Las Vegas casinos, guys!

Those are the things I liked.



A few reviews.  Here is the Mary Sue’s take:

She likes it. I was wondering why, but I think the expression “man ass” probably makes it clear. And that guy was in the show Kings! It all make sense now.

New York Times, not so much. Apparently naked male buttocks do not add sufficient redeeming social value.

Variety wasn’t a big fan either.



*Actually, I don’t hope that, because I don’t care, since I probably won’t be watching it.






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  1. The chad says:

    Seems like you’ve been watching some really bad TV as of late 🙂 Sounds like something I would do.

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