The Lurchers Meet the Queen

Nicki and two of her greyhound/deerhound hybrid lurchers met Queen Elizabeth I on Saturday, at Sebastopol’s mini-Renn-Faire, the Shakespeare Festival. The Queen demonstrated that she was as good with dogs as she was with the men in her life.


Nicki (far left) Gwen, Mr. Morgan, Queen Elizabeth I


The Queen wins a new loyal subject.

The two-day themed event is a fund-raiser for the Sebastopol schools. There is music, drama, comedy, juggling, magic, dancing and of course the royal court. Fairgoers can learn about crafts like spinning, weaving, soap-making, watch fencing exhibitions and learn about falconry.




A young American kestrel eyes the crowd.


For more information, or questions about next year’s event, go to Yes, that really is the URL.

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