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I visited Ai WeiWei @Large, the installation on the island of Alcatraz again on Sunday March 15, with two friends, Kathleen and Lillian. This exhibition runs through April 26, 2015. If you can get to it, I highly recommend it.


To get tickets, go to the Alcatraz Island site. The cost of the ticket includes the short ferry ride from Pier 33 to the island, and back.

From the North bay, the Larkspur ferry landing to the San Francisco ferry building is the easiest way to get there. They run fewer ferries on weekends, but if you go during the week, do not expect to park in the landing’s lot, and allow an additional 20 minutes from your parking site to the landing.

From the San Francisco ferry building, as you go out the mail door turn right (north-ish) and it’s a pleasant one-mile walk/cab/pedicab trip to Pier 33.



During the weekend it looks like they run a small tram on the island. Otherwise, wear comfortable walking shoes. Dress in layers. The Cellhouse has an elevator available for people with limited mobility.


That’s not the elevator

If there’s any way you can fit this installation into your schedule, do it.


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